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some functions for using jqgrid

  1. Client:    javacsript function for customer mutil-search
  2. Server:  C# function for parse querystring and build sql query command

Base on this project, when use JqGrid, what you should to do is just make a view in database and modify querystring in html.

Feature summary

  1. support jqgrid
  2. Independent client JavaScript function(named DataService) 
    1. support paging, sorting and complex search condition
    2. Client and Server side cache

How to use:

  1. Query parameter:
    1. qn: your table or view name for get data ,is mandatory
    2. idcol: Primary key of table or view, default value is 'id'
    3. coli: how many columns will be retrive from table or view ,if not set will retrive all column from view.
      some time,your view have many columns,but only few columns should be show in jqgrid
  2. Demo
    1. use demotable.sql restore database
    2. modify database connectioin string in configHelper.cs
    3. run


  1.  Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  2. jqGrid
  3. Hashtable
  4.  jquery.json-2.3.min

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